Classic Cruiser

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This beautiful 55 series spotted over at Loudpop Voyager.

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Awhile back, I posted on my love of and fascination with Dick Luppi's album artwork. That post can be found HERE. His son was kind enough to comment, and he noted that I had overlooked Herbie Mann's Lp, "The Beat Goes On". In all my years of thumbing through records, I hadn't come across the this album by the well-know jazz flautist. Thank you, Christopher. I'm sorry for your loss. Your father was a talent.

I'd be interested in knowing if there was any other commercial work completed by Mr. Luppi. I really dig this style and period.

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I'll be DJing this. Locals, come out! Travelers, get your plane tickets!

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Occasionally, I have days that I'm able to devote to writing. I'm wearing sneaks, listening to Bambaata's Death Mix, and I'm periodically distracted. Today is one if those days. I hope your's is good as well.

The Clink Room + Asheville Tourists

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The Clink Room just released three of their official, on-field designs for the Asheville Tourists farm club. Last summer, the family and I camped a few nights outside of Asheville.  Central to our plans, we attended a Thirsty Thursday game, and had a blast. I sent the Clinkers a few iPhone pics from the game. Fun fact: Babe Ruth played in the same stadium that is still being used today. The town really has it all: beautiful natural landscapes, culture, food, and friendly folks. Highly recommended. That night, I walked away with a Mr. Moon cap, and now you can cop one of your own. So, see the pics, grab a hat, and check what the Brandiose boys are up to. 

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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-60 - Desert Tan

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The Fj-60 in this color way (possibly my favorite) and with steel wheels is perfection.


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I scanned these from the Toyota Factory Service Manual with the intent that our pediatric patients would have fun coloring some vintage Japanese SUV. Now, you can do the same. What color will your FJ-62 be?

Stanley atop the urban summit

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The Ultimate Grocery Getter: Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

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I wouldn't call myself a modern Cadillac guy, but they've snared me with the ridiculously fast CTS-V. I've always been a fan of wagons. My last car was a Subaru Legacy GT wagon, and I miss her dearly. I currently have a Toyota FJ-62, and while it's clearly a truck in wagon form, it's got those boxy lines that I love. Now, I adore the Land Cruiser, but it was not made for speed. I've made that painfully clear to all those who have been behind me up a hill. The CTS-V, on the other hand, produces a sub 4-second 0-60 time... off the showroom floor. It ain't green; it loves gas, but this mean machine is a supercar, wait, no... a superwagon. It ain't exactly cheap, but it'll blow away the competition for a helluva lot less than you might expect. Just ask the owner of any Ferrari California:

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Channel Islands MSF + Skulls

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I'm really quite stoked on my good friend's recent acquisition. I've wanted to ride the Channel Islands Merrick Single Fin (MSF) for some time now. Looks like I'll eventually get the chance. I must say it looks great with the Christenson skull logo'd fin.

Speaking of skulls... last weekend I was working at a Richmond area doctor's office. In the waiting room, they had hung framed anatomy drawings. Each of the various anatomical illustrations were printed on dictionary pages. I'm not sure if this is something custom or that you could pick up at CB2, but I thought it was pretty cool:

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When Dropping-in is Welcomed

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The girls paying a visit to my weekly FDDF show on WXDU.  Check out a stream wherever you are.

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Here's a New Year's gift from the folks at Stones Throw. The album blends chillwave, acoustic elements, psychedelia and downtempo. I particulary liked the track, "Flesh of Morning." I'll be looking for more from Jonti from now on. Thanks Stones Throw.

From the folks at the label:
Last summer, while prepping his debut album Twirligig, Jonti put together the "Sine & Moon Mix" for the Stones Throw Podcast, a collection of earlier songs he'd recorded on 4-track. In the months since the mixtape, he's been hit up with requests for the individual tracks, and so Sine & Moon (The Album) came about.  

“People liked the songs on the Sine And Moon podcast, so I wanted to get them out for free. So I turned it into an album with extra's, new mixes and original Jeff Jank Artwork. I really love these songs and I hope you enjoy!” - Jonti


01. Saturday Night Songs
02. Red On Green
03. Confused Birds
04. Nagoya Train Station 3AM
05. Nightshift in Blue (Alternate Version)
06. Koi Moon's Daughter Pt II
07. By This Shore
08. Flesh Of Morning
09. Lost Machines
10. Young Wildebeest
11. Nagoya Interlude
12. Moon Goddess
13. Sugar High
14. Lovers Stone (Alternate Passaros)
15. Vendas Newly Won Dream (Bonus Track)


Steel Wheels

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$880 NEW is a pretty good deal for this Slingerland shaped shop board.  Available at the one, the only: Surfy Surfy.

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MoMA NYC 2011

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Portion of Keith Haring's massive Untitled panel from 1982. Snapped at MoMA on a recent trip to the city.


My Sanctuary

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There's no better place to get work done or to not get work done.

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