The Clink Room + Asheville Tourists

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 / Posted by PageOne / comments (0)

The Clink Room just released three of their official, on-field designs for the Asheville Tourists farm club. Last summer, the family and I camped a few nights outside of Asheville.  Central to our plans, we attended a Thirsty Thursday game, and had a blast. I sent the Clinkers a few iPhone pics from the game. Fun fact: Babe Ruth played in the same stadium that is still being used today. The town really has it all: beautiful natural landscapes, culture, food, and friendly folks. Highly recommended. That night, I walked away with a Mr. Moon cap, and now you can cop one of your own. So, see the pics, grab a hat, and check what the Brandiose boys are up to. 

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