coming in

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Another Duane shot from his time here in NC a month or so ago. This one is at Kure Beach, NC. Coming in from a tiny surf session on my 80's Becker 3-stringer log. Heavy, slow to turn, and way fun!

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late night debauchery

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Random photo of me (taken by Duane) on a late night here in Durham. I've got the hat cocked in a Portugese fashion (Hey Paul!). I think my ears were still ringing from the little bit of time we spent listening to a metal band earlier that evening. The same band that was yelling profanities at us for not moving up to the stage. We just wanted to drink our Yuenglings.

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Vacation Notification: Beach Bound

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Heading to the beach for a week.
There may be updates. There may not.
We'll see what happens!
Send good-wave vibes my way.

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Woah! The Linos... amazing?

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Charlie Pyatt's design for a portable, USB turntable. This would be awesome for traveling diggers and occasional listeners. Brilliant! Click on his name to see the rest of this amazing design amongst others!

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iPhone screenshot of snaps from December(ish) 2008
Although digital, there is a slight appeal to the lo-fi nature of the camera.
As long as you don't enlarge the individual shots that appeal will remain!


Chatham County, NC

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taken with a polaroid sx-70 utilizing time-zero film

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Scott Kazmir Was In Town

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He was rehabbing. Didn't look like he needed it. He's good.

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Thrift Shop Find: Vintage ADS L520 Speakers

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I don't thrift much anymore like I did in my childless, record-digging days, but yesterday, I had to turn in some paperwork for my job. The office that I visited happened to be right next to a shop, so I stopped in. Now, I've been looking for some vintage speakers to pair with my Dad's Marantz 2220 Receiver in the music room. It was his from the early seventies, and I got it cleaned and tuned-up a couple years back. I've been browsing craigslist ads for well over a year, but never pulled the trigger on any speaker sets. I guess it worked out because I found a minty pair of ADS L520s for 30 bones. ADS was affiliated with German design powerhouse, Braun. Here's a review of the speakers from

Gorgeous flat frequency response, beautiful clear highs and tight bass and accurate mid-range. My holy grail of bookshelf speakers, though the larger ADS with more dedicated midrange might be more balanced. The 2-way design is quite elegant though, there are no deficiencies. I don't hesitate to say these are some of the best sounding bookshelf speakers I've heard short of things I've heard for a small fortune in listening rooms. Really amazing speakers at any price. The soundstage is expansive and the imaging is immaculate and so realistic. The speakers seem to disappear from the room, leaving only the music. This is simply how speakers are supposed to be. Again, an incredible value. If you ever come across these or any other ADS bookshelf or floor speaker from 1978-1993, do not pass them up.

Tonight was devoted to listening. From the psychedelic stylings of "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" to Minnie's "Come to my Garden," I've been very pleased with my pick-up. As far as speaker (or sound system checks), the album that I feel will show the true beauty or faults of sound is Beck's "Sea Change." So rich and somehow silently textured. But I must say, if I was going to throw the bank at a HiFi system and could only pick one song for the test, it would have to be Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang" on wax. Beautiful:

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A Refreshing & Earthy Take on a Classic

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I like the concept here... nice straight lines, but unfortunately, pretty expensive (at $550 a pop). You'd think that a bunch of skaters would have offered it up for less, if possible. When a generic (albeit crappy) Adirondack chair goes for around $100, it's a battle between your conscience and your wallet. With that price discrepancy, I'd have to go with my guilt-ridden wallet.

from DWR:
A new take on a classic form, Loll’s Adirondack Collection (2008) has a familiar look – but a uniquely modern green story. Greg Benson and Jeff Taly of Loll Designs have taken the time-tested shape of the Adirondack Chair and made it out of 100% recycled polyethylene. They estimate that eight recycled milk jugs go into each pound of a Loll Adirondack Chair, which is also 100% recyclable. But this material goes beyond the eco-conscious. Its durability is proven: Before creating outdoor furnishings, the team at Loll used the same material to create skateboard parks. They began up-cycling this material into other objects, and the Adirondack Collection was born. This material is fade-resistant, waterproof and maintenance free. It is Loll’s philosophy that “using green products should not mean you have to sacrifice anything; it should be better in every way than its non-eco-friendly counterpart.” Made in U.S.A.

Check out more from Loll Designs including their 405 Chaise.

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Happy 4th!

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Guerilla Gorilla Web Archive

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Here's a few random records I reviewed back in 2003 on Understandably, the audio clips are no longer available for your enjoyment. I guess my cheeseball writing style has not changed over the course of the last six years. Noice.
Tidbit: Gorilla suit provided by my lovely wife on my 25th birthday.

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Cypress and 8th Street

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hippy tree art with our old house (the white monster) in the background

After I posted yesterday's spiel, I headed over to the Hippy Tree site for some browsing. When Coco and I lived in Hermosa Beach, we were neighbors to the former "Hippy Tree Headquaters" aka domicile and surf shack. Now looking back it's somewhat surprising that our paths didn't cross all that often. I guess our social circles only overlapped a few times at places like Powerline6, the killer Ashley's Deli, and probably in the water. I remember that when heading out of my 2nd story bedroom, I'd catch a glimpse of the Hippy Tree backyard. Dudes were always painting and creating to hippie jams on the stereo. I actually preferred it when they played Hova. On their site, they have a backyard art page of pieces concocted at their Hermosa residence. Cool to see their projects, coverage, and vision grow. I try to pick-up a few items each year. Go support'em!

my old second story window in the background

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Good-bye Outer Banks!

Hello Santa Barbara!

This always amazing calendar & other surfy-earth inspired products by our former neighbor, Hippy Tree.

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