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video directed by: Tom Fitzgerald
music by: Edan

After Edan labored for a year to complete his new project Echo Party he was very happy with the outcome but wanted it to have a visual accompaniment to help compliment his live DJ set. He approached Tom Fitzgerald who also happens to be Cut Chemists go to video guy and film archivist who works for the The Silent Theatre in LA. What has been created in nothing short of a perfect visual marriage for the unmistakably unique album. There will be a full length version for the whole album with a party at The Silent Theatre in LA to debut the full length video in early 2010 (and yes Mr. Edan will be DJing). For now peep this shorter version and dont forget to check out the album Echo Party out now on new boutique label Five Day Weekend.

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2 Beautes

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A stunning BMW R65/7 from the always tasteful loudpop voyager.

This one is a long-time favorite. This was Japan's answer to the European roadsters of the day. The Datsun Fairlady roadsters of the sixties are compact, well-engineered beauties, that can still be grabbed pretty decently when compared to their euro counterparts. I'm all for keeping classics stock, but when they shoehorn a V8 into one of these it's a killer!

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