Baker's Monsoon Mix... is soooooo good!

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I'm thinking that maybe half of you have experienced a desert monsoon. If you haven't, they typically start popping-up around the end of the summer. This is the time of the year when you feel you just won't live through another 110 degree day. I guess maybe that's why ol' mother nature put their scheduled visits on our calendar. Anyway, these monsoons are visually striking, have a unique (and wonderful) scent, and replenish the environment both figuratively and literally. I don't miss the heat, but I miss them.

My jr. high buddy, Jason Baker, put together a wonderful mix that I envision is a perfect accompaniment to a late summer storm... even a heavy thunder storm for us folks here in the south. Go to his site for a free download. You can also stream it as you sit on the computer. Get it now while it's still up! Here: Jason Baker: Summer Monsoon Mix.

Well done, friend.

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Minting Up

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I found cleaner copies of some solid Lp's at the Flea Market last weekend. I hardly ever find vendors anymore that have any idea about pricing and condition. These were clean and underpriced if anything. Typically, it's some shabby-chic furniture dealer with a crate of wrecked Ray Charles records priced at $30 a pop.

Winter in America is a beautiful album.



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It may not make much sense, but I'm putting the tape back into mixtape. Gotta love the clean design of that cassette.

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el porto & pdub stick

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I was a little worried folks were thinking this was turning into a blog about hats. Nope.
The above pic is probably one of my favorite photos that I've ever taken.
And it was nabbed with a 35mm disposable camera no less.
Shot in El Porto, Mr. Scott Rhodes is taking his Galveston crafted Fry for a test-drive after one of the numerous rehab sessions. That board went through a lot and probably weighed twice as much as it did when it was originally purchased. Always fun and ready for a stroll up the bow. It's currently the wallpaper on my phone.

Here's the history of the board from Scott himself:
"This board was my first long board, given to me by my parents in 1990. It survived flying out of the back of pick up truck, floating (scraping) down a very shallow Guadalupe River, two cross country LA - TX moves, and still pulled off the steep drops of dumpy Manhattan Beach. Many, including me, rode their first wave on this board. She will be remembered fondly. Custom built 9'0" Fry board out of Galveston, Tx.

80% of the top had completely delaminated, so we had to cut off most of the deck and reglassed it. She rode once again, and gave many surfers their first and last ride. As stable as a coffee table, she turned where you wanted to go (as long as you were on the tail!) The last man to ride her was Powell Williams. Tragically, he passed away soon after, so we had her painted (Bret Toyama, artist) and dedicated it to our lost friend. (PDUB)"

powell (pdub) tribute sticker created by good pal Mr. Fernandez

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Worst Hat EVAAAAAR???

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Besides this (and the recent "blood-splatter" L.A. hat), I'm almost always on-board with what the folks at Hall of Fame come out with. Honestly, who wants to wear a hat with their head-size giantly posted on the front?... not to mention you'll have to throw down $40 to do so. Comes out looking like a cheap swap-mart adjustable hat. It seems to be an idea that fell short from a group that's usually pretty consistent, IMO.

an example of one of HoF's greater designs:

New Lid

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I picked up this new hat to commemorate a wonderful birthday evening spent with my family and the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.
They won.
Sorry for the crap iPhone pic.

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