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$880 NEW is a pretty good deal for this Slingerland shaped shop board.  Available at the one, the only: Surfy Surfy.

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MoMA NYC 2011

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Portion of Keith Haring's massive Untitled panel from 1982. Snapped at MoMA on a recent trip to the city.


My Sanctuary

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There's no better place to get work done or to not get work done.

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Tis the Season

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Funk Dance Disco Friday

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For more info: Facebook & WXDU

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Duchess Says

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Intense? I've been listening to Montreal's post-punk electro band, Duchess Says. They just came out with a new album, and I'm digging it. The above video is from 3 years ago. Yes, it's intense.


The Psychedelic (Jazz) Artwork of Dick Luppi

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On the way home from work the other day, I got to thinking about what my answer would be if I were asked what was my all-time favorite album cover. The first one that popped into my head was Chick Corea's Tones for Joan's Bones on Vortex.  I bought this album purely on aesthetic from the Princeton Record Exchange years ago. It was and is still sealed. At the time, I wasn't a big Corea fan, but have since come around some, and listen to his Innerspace album on occasion. Innerspace also happens to have the all of the "Tones..." tracks on it. Allmusic.com likes the album quite a bit.

So when I got home, I pulled out the Lp along with Dave Pikes Doors of Perception which is also on Vortex, an Atlantic subsidiary. Doors is a rather interesting album, and literally could be labeled as jazz psychedelia with fuzzed out vibraphones, echo chambers and piped-in recordings. Allmusic also gives it a pretty strong review.  Check out an audio sample of the title track below. I had pulled Pike's Lp along with Corea's because I was certain that the artwork was created by the same artist, and that turned out to be true. The illustration credit is given to Dick Luppi on both albums, and Roy Ayers' Virgo Vibes (also pictured above). All three albums were under the art direction of Atlantic's go-to guy, Haig Adishian.

While the psychedelic style suits the time period (late 60's), it was an unusual, and rarely utilized medium for jazz. Luppi's work was well-chosen for these three albums; it very-much compliments the sound pocketed inside. I wanted to see more albums and art by Luppi, and figured the internet would be fruitful. However, even creative searches came up short. These three Lp's are the only I could find, and there was no information on the man himself. I'm guessing and hoping he did more than these albums. If anyone knows more about this talent or other Lp's inked by him, please let me know.

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WXDU Record Fair: The Finds

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Lp's: The Dave Brubeck Quartet "Take Five", Devo "Duty Now for the Future", Digable Planets "Blowout Comb" Promo, Billie Joe Becoat "Let's Talk for Awhile" , Hamilton Bohannon "Stop & Go" (This was a longtime want!)
45's: The Intrigues on YEW, The Esquires on Bunky, & The Modulations on Mozel (local Durham, NC rarity)
Also picked-up a couple of clean issues of Downbeat Magazine from 1967... maybe for framing.
I love music.

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Time to Record Shop - WXDU

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OM My God

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Thanks Doane!

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Beautiful rides are being carved over at Shakastics


The High Life

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I came across this photo from a camping and surfing trip in southern California. Sleeping in the Subaru and on various couches... great times. I miss that car and San O'.

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Great showing by Tune-Yards on Fallon


Black Lips - Family Tree

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Great vibe in Black and White. Love the bouncing.



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 A Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X on my desk

THE REAL THING from Japanese Nostalgic Car

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Visiting Oklahoma

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Flying Lotus - Lovers Melt 2

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Flying Lotus presents a two and a half hour mix, all dedicated to some memorable summer listening.


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While hardly momentous, I’m proud to say that this compilation is finally finished!  For the last couple of years, I’ve wanted to put together a (primarily) garage-rock mix, but I didn’t feel like I was knowledgeable enough to do it justice.  Starting last November, I became entrenched in what could be described as a fuzz bender.  If it was from the 60’s, came charged with pre-punk grit, and asked to be played loud, then I was listening to it.  Please understand I’m not claiming expertise in this expansive and regional genre. I’ll leave that to the ultimate collectors; those who hunt down bands who may or may not have released a couple hundred 45’s in, say, rural Missouri.  Instead, I chose to compile the artists and tracks that fueled my interest to begin with. While many of the bands featured here are well under-the-radar of mainstream listeners, these are guys that “made-it.” Most of them released at least one full album, which is rare enough in this genre. Some have even been featured in films like Rushmore (The Creation) and High-Fidelity (The 13th Floor Elevators open the movie).  All have served as an influence to recent punk, rock and independent music (See Arial Pink’s cover of Bright Lit Blue Skies by The Rising Storm).  

So please… roll down your windows, turn it up, and enjoy your summer!

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Panda Bear - "Surfer's Hymn"

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Hipped via Quality Peoples

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Hermosa Beach Pier 2004

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Taken with a Polaroid Sx-70 using Time Zero film

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Manhattan Beach Pier 2005

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Taken with a Polaroid SX-70 using Time-Zero film

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I'm glad my daughter loves my old Hot Wheels. I still love playing with them.

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I'm Glad Summer is Here

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Eroc aka Michael J. Roxx crowing it up

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Mayer Hawthorne - Impressions Ep - Free Download

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Mayer Hawthorne - Impressions (Covers EP - Free Download)

Here's a free download from Stones Throw records:

Mayer Hawthorne has released a FREE EP of cover songs. Grab it here, and read the track by track descriptions from Mayer below.


1. Work To Do
This one features my live band, The County: Quentin Joseph on drums, Topher Mohr on guitar, Quincy McCrary on piano, and Joe Abrams on bass. It was recorded live in a radio station studio somewhere during our Winter 2010 US tour. The tapes recently surfaced, but nobody can remember exactly where we were. The song is originally by The Isley Brothers, and that’s the only version I was familiar with until we started playing it in our live shows and people would come up to us and say “hey, loved your cover of Average White Band!”.

2. Don’t Turn The Lights On
My favorite track from Chromeo’s latest LP. On the surface it’s an electro-funk, dance floor filler, but underneath is a brilliant love ballad with lyrics that reminded me of something from Tyrone Davis. Dave1 (of Chromeo) told me the song is about a guy who falls in love with a ghost, so I wanted my version to have an eerie, ghostly feel to it. Quincy McCrary played the creepy piano solo at the end.

3. You’ve Got The Makings Of A Lover
Textbook Northern Soul from a little known Dallas, Texas group called The Festivals. I was digging for records in NY with my homey DJ Kurse, and the shopkeeper played the 45 in the store. Both of us immediately ran up to the counter and said “yo! what is THAT?!”. The original version was recorded in the late 60s, and the mix isn’t very good. I wanted a version that I could bump. Quentin Joseph played the drums and we recorded them at Sam Beaubien’s studio in Detroit. That’s Sam playing the trumpet as well.

4. Fantasy Girl
This song was written and composed by an amazing man from Pasadena named Steve Salazar. He was born with a heart condition and passed away at the young age of 27. Before he died he recorded one incredible album of demos in the mid-70s with a band called Shorty’s Portion. Peanut Butter Wolf found a copy of the album and I loved it so much that he gave it to me (thanks Wolf!). The vinyl had a handwritten note tucked in the sleeve that was addressed to anyone who could help the band with management, a record deal, radio airplay, etc. I’d estimate there were less than 300 copies pressed. That’s my Dad playing pedal steel guitar and Topher Mohr shredding the guitar solo on my version.

5. Little Person
Jon Brion is not from this planet. He penned this song for the soundtrack to Charlie Kaufman’s film “Synecdoche, NY”. I didn’t get the film at all, but I really got the soundtrack. The original has only female vocal and piano, but I always heard a larger arrangement. Hubert Alexander played some of the piano and I did everything else.

6. Mr. Blue Sky
This one also features my band, The County, and was recorded live, in one take, in a tiny makeshift tent, at a festival in Dour, Belgium. 



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One of my all-time favorite videos. Conceived & directed by Spike Jonze.


Record Store Day 2011

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Nice balance of New:
Numero Group 35.5 2xLp / Fleet Foxes 12" / Kings of Leon 10" / Blitzen Trapper 7" / Dennis Coffey 7" / Freebies: Local Zine & some sampler CDs

& Old:
Zoo Lp / Bar-Kays Lp / 2 Kool and the Gang Lp's / Donovan 7" / The Critters 7"



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Last weekend, I cleaned out a corner of my basement to make room for a record cleaning station (sad, but true). During the purge, I came across a group of mixes and compilations that I had put together between 1998 and 2005.  Many of them were created for a now defunct mix club. Every couple of months a group of collectors and DJ's would assemble a compilation around a common theme, and then share them with members from across the country. In June of 2004, the theme was "color." This particular mix was one of my favorites. As I did for all of the comps, the tracks were recorded from mostly original vinyl (in this case, not the Timothy McNealy or Lee Mason). While the selections span a number of genres, and range from obscure to commonplace, I tried my best to maintain a cohesive flow. Anyway, if folks dig it, I may post a few more... so let me know whatcha think! Enjoy! 

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Deus SX225 Street Tracker

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more travelin shots

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been travelin

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Atlantic Beach Pier, North Carolina

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Mellow beauty brought to you by Atiba & Panda Bear.

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RAEN and Alex Kopps

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talk about honing in on a vibe then nailing it with perfection... well done.

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excuses are lame...

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a beautifully restored FJ45 from a recent ONSC gathering

... so let's just pretend that I've been posting a ton. Fortunately, I have been keeping positively busy with stats courses, full-time employment, meet-ups (see pic) & (ad)ventures with friends and family.  Speaking of projects, I've been pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with the friendly and talented folks at Square Magazine.  I've been primarily tackling the musical side of things by scouring the internet for top quality mixes, and then sharing them with the masses.  I'll be offering up some of my own in the near future.  Go check out the offerings thus far if your iTunes library needs a little refreshing.

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