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Well, I've been meaning to put this together for quite some time... probably at least a year. I've been keeping notes on songs that struck me at the moment, and some went, but most stayed. The first Chickadees mix was created for the final WTW get-together in Oklahoma. In fact, I posted it exactly 2 years ago today. My original intentions remain, make a solid, somewhat poppy, pre-partyesque compilation that folks would want to dance to. The main difference between this mix and the original is that there is a whole lot more synth this time around. As always there are some just- or non-released gems, modern classics, and a few that have been around the block a few times. Hopefully you hear something you like... new and old. Enjoy!

(Tracklisting in the comments)

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Jus' Your Typical Blogapology

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Unfortunately, blog posts have been more miss than hit lately. I've barely been on the internet to check my email. Between bummers (12-hour stats midterms, long(er) days at work, & standardized testing) & righteousness (health, separate getaway trips with old friends & family, & beautiful weather), there's been little time to share the randomness all around. Currently, I'm deep in SC, enjoying the beach with the family. I've had a mix finished, but the internet connection is too slow to upload. Maybe I'll try and see if it'll go through overnight. Anyway, here's a snippet of the good things that have been keeping me going over the last few weeks:


Furniture Find: JL Moller Chair No. 78

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While looking for a potential "Mayor of Tulsa" suit at a local thrift store, I came across this Danish keeper. Chair No. 78 was designed by Niels Moller in 1962. It's back and the top of the front legs (I call'em knees) are unique, and beautiful. These were only produced in Denmark... funny how one ended up in South Durham. The chair is in great shape overall, just needs a bit of cleaning and maybe a light oil. I wish there were more than one. We still need dining room chairs. It's a start I suppose.

A little about the little teak wonder and the original company that still produces them in Denmark from JL Moller's kind of hard to find website:

Since 1944, J. L. Møllers Møbelfabrik has produced chairs of outstandingly high quality in timeless designs.
The chairs are sold over the whole world and the Møller chair has become the epitome of Danish Design.

Chairs from J.L. Møller are assembled using the old craft traditions. As far as possible no modern technology or assembly lines are used. Each employee is a specialist in specific work processes for creating the chair, giving it a unique quality and elegance.

At J.L. Møller tenons, mortices and dowels are all glued by hand. This is the only way to ensure that all surfaces have been treated. Dowels are dried down to 5% humidity (in the other components this is 8%), so that when the dowel contacts the glue it expands and is immoveably fixed in position. The chair’s tenon construction also strengthens the chair.
Cramping is performed with compressed air in a hydraulic press.
Polishing machines are not used for the final polish, as they treat all wood alike. Instead the chairs are polished by hand. This is J.L. Møller's policy in all production phases. If the latest technology does not give a better and more satisfactory result than the well-known craft methods, it is quite simply not employed in the factory.

When the chairs leave the factory they are dispatched FULLY ASSEMBLED. Not as knock-down furniture in a box. This costs more in transport, but at J.L. Møller our view is that what can be assembled by the recipient can also be accidentally disassembled by the consumer. It is literally impossible to pull a Møller chair apart. Before packing, our chairs undergo a final inspection, where everything is checked one last time before they are packed and sent off.

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Duke Record Show

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Picked up some solid, but cheap, Lp's from a local record show last weekend. Cadence and Eric joined me to scour the bins. Cadence spotted rare from the baby backpack. Twas a good time.

o.y.: i also just had a cool modern, furniture find... posting next

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