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I really don't want this to become a youtube blog, but this one struck me. Hilariously awful.


Time to Reflect

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Stanley the LandCruiser and I waiting outside the bank.

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Funky Friday

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This is one for which I never tire.

The Beginning of the End - Funky Nassau Pt. 1
a short bit from wiki:
The Beginning of the End was a funk group from Nassau, Bahamas. The group consisted of three brothers and a fourth member on bass. They released an album entitled Funky Nassau in 1971 on Alston Records (a subsidiary of Atlantic Records), and the track "Funky Nassau - Part I" became a hit single in the U.S., peaking at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and #7 on the Billboard Black Singles chart. The same track reached #31 in the UK Singles Chart in March 1974.


* Ray Munnings - organ
* Roy Munnings - guitar
* Frank Munnings - drums
* Fred Henfield - bass


One for Fun

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The Bob Seger System

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The Seegs wasn't always a soft rock tool a la "Night Moves."


FREE Stones Throw Download - 1 Week Only!!!

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I wanted to pass this along quickly, so I've only had a taste of the first 5 tracks, all of which I'm enjoying. Grab it while you can at Stones Throw: Koushik Beep Tape 1.

More on Koushik from the Stones Throw site:
Koushik specializes in making that hazy, hip-hop-based downbeat sh*t that you could easily compare to contemporaries such as Four Tet (who released Koushik's first single on his Text label), RJD2, and DJ Shadow. What sets Koushik apart from the others is a beautiful '60s psych-pop element that tends to pervade throughout. It shows itself in the spacious panned strings, acoustic guitars, and harpsichords that fall in and out of each other; and the beats have a harder regimented classic true school hip-hop sound, that Fourtet and Prefuse tend to stray away from. But what I truly love about this record is Koushik's voice. His singing is soft and mixed way down in the center of the track, sounding like the voice choirs you'd hear on one of those old Percy Faith or 101 Guitars from the late-'60s. If you're a fan of any of the aforementioned artists, you need this record. – OTHER MUSIC, NYC


Protect Your Dome

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Just a little reminder that your brain is pretty important for maintaining a worthwhile existence on this here planet. When it comes to leisurely rides, I too, need reminding. Bike or Motorcycle... put on a helmet.

From my local bike co-op listserv:

Hey yall, I'm sure some of you heard i was in an accident yesterday.
This is true, and i was really lucky, my helmet took nearly all of the damage.
Had i not been wearing it, well, the DBC would need a new youth coordinator.

I got off lucky with a Mild concussion, deep bruise on my pelvis, sore jaw, and some serious road rash on my left arm.

My helmet saved my life yesterday, my head ran so hard into the trunk that i dented it.

So basically, get a helmet, and wear it, it may look a little dorky, but it will totally be worth it in the event of an accident.

I love yall, thanks so much for the support.

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Hard Drive Surprise

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A couple shots I took of the Eno River almost two years ago.


Yay or Nay

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We're currently undergoing a minor kitchen/dining room renovation: furniture, paint, & window treatments. At the moment, we have decent-looking, but inexpensive mission style chairs. The problem is that they fold (yes, they actually look okay) a little too easily, and we're worried our 2-year old will end-up tucked in the chair on the floor. So we ordered 4 vintage, yellow Eames fiberglass chairs. Unfortunately, we got to take a closer look at them, and we were not happy with their condition. So, we pulled out.

The Eames chairs, while ubiquitous, are beautiful and clean (see top picture). We're still leaning that way as long as we can find some that are fairly-priced, gently-used, and in a color that works. However, our runner-up chairs differ significantly. We could use a little help.

I've always been a fan of the crafted-minimalism of the Shaker style. I dig Design within Reach's glossy version of a Shaker chair (see 2 above pics). It's also only $98 a pop. Corrina isn't sold on them, though. I think that these chairs would really stand out in a lightly-yellow painted room with bright white (sheer) treatments.

Corrina's choice is another fairly priced ($119) offering from CB2. While Corrina is leaning toward the grey version, I've posted a picture of it in green, so that the lines of the chair would stand out. I'm actually a fan of the chair, but I feel it might be too bold (polished legs) and contemporary for our house.

We'd love to get your opinions. Set your friendship and family bias aside and let us know what you think... especially those that have been in our casa. Thanks!

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Shot & Song - Guns of Navarone

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Continuing the theme of the "Shot & Song" concept, Duane sent me this photo. We were on our way to the beach when he snapped this howitzer at a rest stop in Warsaw, NC. So in accordance to our theme (he provides the pic, so I provide the song), here's my selection!:

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