Protect Your Dome

Thursday, September 10, 2009 / Posted by PageOne /

Just a little reminder that your brain is pretty important for maintaining a worthwhile existence on this here planet. When it comes to leisurely rides, I too, need reminding. Bike or Motorcycle... put on a helmet.

From my local bike co-op listserv:

Hey yall, I'm sure some of you heard i was in an accident yesterday.
This is true, and i was really lucky, my helmet took nearly all of the damage.
Had i not been wearing it, well, the DBC would need a new youth coordinator.

I got off lucky with a Mild concussion, deep bruise on my pelvis, sore jaw, and some serious road rash on my left arm.

My helmet saved my life yesterday, my head ran so hard into the trunk that i dented it.

So basically, get a helmet, and wear it, it may look a little dorky, but it will totally be worth it in the event of an accident.

I love yall, thanks so much for the support.

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