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Last weekend, I cleaned out a corner of my basement to make room for a record cleaning station (sad, but true). During the purge, I came across a group of mixes and compilations that I had put together between 1998 and 2005.  Many of them were created for a now defunct mix club. Every couple of months a group of collectors and DJ's would assemble a compilation around a common theme, and then share them with members from across the country. In June of 2004, the theme was "color." This particular mix was one of my favorites. As I did for all of the comps, the tracks were recorded from mostly original vinyl (in this case, not the Timothy McNealy or Lee Mason). While the selections span a number of genres, and range from obscure to commonplace, I tried my best to maintain a cohesive flow. Anyway, if folks dig it, I may post a few more... so let me know whatcha think! Enjoy! 

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