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Thursday, July 02, 2009 / Posted by PageOne /

hippy tree art with our old house (the white monster) in the background

After I posted yesterday's spiel, I headed over to the Hippy Tree site for some browsing. When Coco and I lived in Hermosa Beach, we were neighbors to the former "Hippy Tree Headquaters" aka domicile and surf shack. Now looking back it's somewhat surprising that our paths didn't cross all that often. I guess our social circles only overlapped a few times at places like Powerline6, the killer Ashley's Deli, and probably in the water. I remember that when heading out of my 2nd story bedroom, I'd catch a glimpse of the Hippy Tree backyard. Dudes were always painting and creating to hippie jams on the stereo. I actually preferred it when they played Hova. On their site, they have a backyard art page of pieces concocted at their Hermosa residence. Cool to see their projects, coverage, and vision grow. I try to pick-up a few items each year. Go support'em!

my old second story window in the background

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