Alaia-Sliding in Wrightsville Beach

Monday, May 24, 2010 / Posted by PageOne /

As we are well into the warm-water months here in NC, the (above) full suit and gloves probably looks a little out of place.  I guess this is just a good example of my proclivity to procrastinate.  Anyway, back in March, the family and I made a trip out to Wilmington to see an old friend and spend a little time at the beach.  The kids and I were digging in the sand when we saw a fellow stroll up with a couple of alaias tucked under his arm.  While these crafts are increasingly popping-up in videos and on the web, I hadn't seen one out this way.  The rider and shaper (and musician) introduced himself as Jason Andre.  He's been shaping the boards under J sun Alaias (now linked on the right) out of paulownia wood from South Carolina. At the time, Mr. Andre was about to begin selling them at Surf City Surf Shop in Wrightsville. So be sure to look for them next time your in.  I asked him if it was cool to take some photos of the cold water (51 degrees F) session, and he obliged. Enjoy!

His alaia blog has some nice (and warmer) shots of some solid surfing on his craft. Also, visit his music website and myspace page, and support some local progression. Nice to meet you, Jason! Keep it up!

 O.Y. ("Oh Yeah"): The reggae comp has been compiled... I just need to upload it. Thanks for the reminder emails. Stay tuned.

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