Run For Cover: A Reggae Compilation

Friday, June 11, 2010 / Posted by PageOne /

My musical selections are definitely driven by the season.*  It's pretty much inevitable that when the weather begins to warm up, I start listening to more and more sun-drenched rhythms. So far this summer, it's been reggae dominated by rocksteady staples.  Here, I've assembled songs that have begged me for multiple listens.  Thrown in are classics, twists on classics and a few under-the-radar selections for you to enjoy.  Crack open a lager or pour yourself a cool glass of water, throw those feet-up and take-in the breeze. Hopefully, you have one.

*My beer sampling also follows this pattern. In the winter, it's stouts and porters, where as now, all I'm sipping on is pilsners and pales.


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