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Thursday, August 26, 2010 / Posted by PageOne /

There was no questioning my excitement about visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Like many, I was a kid who grew up collecting cards (old and new). I also followed and played baseball. Initially, I was thrilled with having the opportunity to see amazing artifacts like Babe Ruth's jersey or Honus Wagner's T206 card, but my experience ran deeper than that.  The nostalgia of "America's Pastime" resonated strongly with me.  Hats off to the curators for they have done an excellent job of telling baseball's story. The sport's history is long, and the museum gracefully highlighted how baseball has intertwined and changed with significant eras of America's social and political history. You need not be a fan of the sport (maybe of American history) to enjoy the Hall of Fame.  I had a blast. I'd go back tomorrow if you asked me to.

When it comes to design, in my opinion, baseball has been always been the tastemaker of sport. Their use of font (especially script), logos, and overall branding have, for the most part, been exquisite. I love old logos, so naturally I took many photos of those that have been favorites of mine since I was a little leaguer.

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