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Sunday, February 07, 2010 / Posted by PageOne /

We're planning on an Outer Banks trip in March.  I really would like a rooftop tent for the Land Cruiser.  I figure it pays itself off after a few nights of camping vs. paying for a hotel.  That's decent logic, right?



Comment by hayride on February 08, 2010

Rooftop tents are awesome. You should do it. You may have to upgrade the roof rack on your Toyota to hold it, but I say it's worth it. I had considered buying one for the FJ. I actually know some folks that are reps for Camping Lab - they make a pretty cool tent. Check out this link The guy that I know is actually pictured with the camping lab ten & his FJ.

Comment by Duane Fernandez on February 09, 2010

Man that portion of the tent which is cantilevered doesn't look structurally sound. But it's totally awesome and you'll use the sh*t out of it. get it. OY: why don't they turn the tent 90 degrees so it's parallel with the truck?

Comment by PageOne on February 09, 2010

Steve: Great chime in! I have been perusing the different companies on the web and on, but that link is much more efficient. I've heard good things about the camping lab rtt. They're the most cost-effective plus they offer free shipping (which is huge). You got any hook-ups? RTT's are not cheap at $800 to +$2000, and are hard to come-by used, especially in the southeast. Figure it's worth asking.

Duane: It's pretty amazing how sturdy these things are. One drawback is that they're pretty heavy. Most of them are well over 100 lbs. While they're easy for one person to quickly open and close, getting them on/off the roof is definitely a +1 man job. Unfortunately, my garage is too low for a pulley system.

You can also orient them so that they open parallel to the vehicle. I think in this particular picture the guy is using some roof space with storage boxes.

Comment by Coco on February 09, 2010

oh boy! i just want an Iphone

Comment by Duane Fernandez on February 10, 2010

*Laughing* Coco wins.
Best blog comment of all time. You're hilarious Coco.

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