Past Mixes REposted: A Wintry Mix (December 2008)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 / Posted by PageOne /

While home sick most of last week, I got around to putting together a mix. It does reflect the season's change from fall to winter, and the songs chosen were probably influenced by the way I felt.  Not to say that it is a downer of a compilation, although that's just where I was coming from.  Anyway, it's in a mellow vein with acoustic and soft synth stylings. It's a contemporary version of the Grown Mix (also available) from a year or so ago. The tracks selected were also ones that I felt Corrina would enjoy even if she had never heard them.  It's one long track, which I happen to like for mixes on the iPod. Oh yeah, Coco liked the mix. So... take a sip of the juice or go ahead and download the whole thing. Tracklist is in the comments. Leave a critique, please. Enjoy!

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Comment by Jason Baker on February 16, 2010

still top notch.

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