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Tuesday, April 13, 2010 / Posted by PageOne /

Rad little teaser of a video by the folks at Korduroy TV.  This was hipped to me by NC's own, Ryan Tatar.

I noticed some Greg Weaver footage in there.  Duane and I interviewed him in Park City a couple years back. Mr. Weaver proved to be both humble and hilarious.  I'm sure that Duane would agree that hanging with him was the highlight of our trip. Here is a snippet of that interview:

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Comment by Duane Fernandez on April 17, 2010

Thanks to you I have become a huge fan of Korduroy TV. I need to find that Greg Weaver clip and re-upload it to youtube now that they have HD. That was definitely the best part of the trip. And the snowboarding... Unfortunately for you, that day on the mountain was legendary.

Comment by PageOne on April 22, 2010

Legendary... I'm just glad I started wearing a helmet a few trips before that. I still remember hearing the "ping" of the rail as I knocked my noggin. Epic trip.

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