Two Stonesthrow Videos - They're Quite Good

Tuesday, April 06, 2010 / Posted by PageOne /

Slo-mo San Francisco Smoothness.

This song was rightfully suggested by Baker a week or so ago. Stonesthrow just released the official video. Both are excellent, and worthy of a re-mention. Enjoy.

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Comment by Above the City on April 07, 2010

Awesome. Love Stones Throw.

Local Highland Park style!!

Comment by PageOne on April 11, 2010

Thanks AtC. I dig the concept of your blog. It's a cool way to represent where you live. That got me wondering about other (non-municipal) blogs that cover their locales. I was browsing through blogs of cities in the South Bay of L.A. (my old stomping grounds), and then happened upon this one of which you may be familiar:

Thanks for the comment, and keep it up!

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